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72h starting April 3rd 16:00 CET

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LauzHack Against COVID-19 is a 72h online hackathon dedicated to fighting the coronavirus crisis.

Come lend a hand! During the hackathon, you will work on an impactful idea, get help from mentors, and create an open-source prototype.
You can come up with your own idea, or work on an existing one.

To win this fight, we need people with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets.

With the help of EPFL, we will then support people who want to turn their prototypes into production-quality projects.

Check out our list of resources and ideas!

Please keep in mind our rules.


Friday 16:00Opening ceremony
Friday 20:00Project ideas (optional)
Saturday 12:00Registering teams and projects
Sunday 12:00First pitch
Monday 16:00Final submission
TuesdayPublic vote for projects

Can I participate?

Yes! Anyone can participate, not just students.
You can also participate as a mentor, to help others in your area of expertise.

Do I need to know programming?

No! Programming is only one thing you could do; you can also design, analyze, mentor, ideate, engineer, build physical prototypes…

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Participation is free of charge.

Where is it?

Online! As a good virus fighter, you’ll stay at home during this hackathon.

What about teams?

You will register individually, then form teams of any size you want with whoever you want.

What if I don't have a team?

Don’t worry! Part of the fun of a hackathon is meeting new people.
You will have time at the beginning of the event to socialize and form teams.

Can I work on an existing project?

Sure! You are free to fight COVID-19 with anything you want, including prior work.
Just make sure to give credit for any previous work, and show which part is yours.

What about intellectual property?

We do not claim any rights on any of your intellectual property whatsoever.
Everything you create belongs to you.

I have a question about continuing the project at EPFL...

Check out our detailed Q&A document!

I have another question...

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or by email (info at lauzhack dot com)!

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LauzHack Against COVID-19 is organized by the LauzHack Association, whose legal documents can be viewed here.